Glass Beads 2mm DailyArt 30gr

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Brand:Daily Art


Μικρές Γυάλινες Μπίλιες 2mm, (Glass Beads 2mm), DailyArt  30gr

Small glass beads will add shimmer and texture to mixed media, or scrapbooking projects.

  • Mix with any Daily ART Paste or Gel to create a custom paste, or sprinkle over any gel, paste or thick adhesive.
  • Add to Daily ART Mixed Medias Medium Gel and make own Bead paste to use on any surface. This mixture gives unbelievable effects on a glass and transparent surfaces; thought might be used on any surface. After the mixture is dry, you can paint it over with any paints or inks of your choice.
  • Glass beads decor always complements Christmass decorations, as looks similar to small ice crystals.
  • The glass beads are offered in two sizes diameter 1 mm and 2 mm.


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